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birthday famingos in yard service.jpg

Festive Flocks


Festive Flocks


what the flock is this?

We like to celebrate - and what better way to celebrate someone than a surprise flock of flamingos and flowers waiting in their yard? Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, new baby, job promotion, or just plain ole fun, we want to help bring joy, love, and a little laughter to you and yours.

pink flamingos in yard decoration.jpg

Why the Flock?

Why the Flock?


With 50 flamingos, 50 spinning flowers, and a whole host of party supplies, we can decorate your loved one's yard to the nines. It's simple: You get them out of the house, we set up the flock, they come back to a surprise sea of pink! There are countless reasons to fly in a flock, but in case you need some inspiration... 


Reasons to flock

  • BIRDS of Encouragement
  • Happy Bird-Day
  • Breast Cancer Buddy Birds
  • Baby on the way Birds
  • Welcome to the Nest Birds
  • Promposal Birds
  • Bachelorette Birds

Reasons to Flower

  • Showered in Flowers (Wedding or Baby showers)
  • Empower Flowers
  • Luau Flowers 
  • Flower Power for Promotions
  • Festive Flowers



Frock your Flock

For just a small up-charge, you can frock your flock in leis, beads, tutus, or any other festive gear for your special occasion - whatever you need to make your special someone feel the love.

40th birthday flamingos in yard.jpg

Rock your Flock

Rock your Flock

The Basic Flock

We set up all the birds at the perfect sneaky time, then take them down 24 hours later - so you don't have to deal with any logistics or mess


The Works

Frock your flock in tutus, add spinning flowers, drape party beads, or any other ideas you might have to really make your flock fly high!


Balloon Bouquet

Really round out your flock with a beautiful bouquet of balloons! We'll do a mix of latex and mylar in sets of 6 or 12. 

$15 / $25


Add Angela's Cookies

Angela's Cookies, a local Loveland business serving delicious homemade treats, is offering flamingo and flower cookies or cupcakes for an added $3 each. Get 'em while they're hot!